Motorcycle plastic plug kit with terminal

175 Ft250 Ft

Plastic plug kit with terminals for the wires that is compatible with many Japanese motorcycle original plugs. Contents of a set:

  • Plastic plug housing
  • brass stamping parts electrical crimp terminal (Male) or brass female spade terminal wire connector (Female)

Up to 5 connection sets can be ordered at once!

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Motorcycle plastic plug kit with terminal

It is important to make sure that the regulator rectifier is connected to the correct pole when connecting it. Reverse polarity will cause immediate failure of the regulator rectifier, which is not covered by the warranty.

For the phase terminals (the 3 yellow wires), the connection sequence is arbitrary (you can connect any yellow wire from regulator rectifier the any yellow wire of the motorcycle side).

High current flows through the plugs, so in extreme cases, the brass may become hot at the connections. This can even melt the plastic terminal housing. This does not cause a fault in the regulator rectifier, but the charge level of the system may be less than the nominal value.

When replacing the regulator rectifier, it may be worth considering a fixed connection of the terminals with soldering, in order to reduce the chance of faults.

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